Your small business doesn't have to have a small strategy. InkyMama Marketing

About Us


Building Your Brand

InkyMama is a female run, independent design & brand strategy firm that seeks to be a collaborative partner in your ultimate success.  With over 20 years working for Fortune 500 companies, we've seen and done it all to build and promote brands from the ground up. Let us put our experience to work for you. 

We remove the need to worry if you are doing enough for your business.   

Remember that dream you have, the one about that polished, super successful business you own...let's make that happen!


Business Strategy

Need to channel your efforts, get organized, and start seeing the results of all your hard work? InkyMama can build you a business plan that covers everything from turning the lights on to filing your taxes, from marketing to lead generation.


Marketing Presence

Feel like your business image isn't cohesive? From your website to social media, business cards to brochures, InkyMama can create a cohesive marketing presence for your company so potential customers see YOU as the ONLY choice.